Student Experience Sample 4

August 5, 2016

Last day of the orientation was relaxing in the early morning. David, Phuc, and I went to have breakfast at The Friendly Toast in Kendall Square. It was delicious! We then headed back to the conference room to work on the Shark Tank presentation. We had about 3 hours to prepare for the Shark Tank. I personally think my team did a great job. The group that won got $31,500 because the grant donor gave them $19,000, while we got $30,500. Plus, we definitely earned more profit than the other two teams because we made pretty good deal with the donors. I think the activity was a bit off from what I “specialize” in, but it was a great exercise. At first I did not have a clear clue on what to expect from the three donors, but after negotiating with the private donor, who wanted to get 70% of profit from what we made, my team was more experienced. When we had to make deal with the business donor, who offered us $10k for 50% of profit, we decided to take the deal, in return, they can only get 30% profit, and the deal was made! Even though my team did not win and I did not win a single gift card from all the activities we have done here, I feel like what I have earned are more than that. I got to spend some wonderful time with the team exploring Boston, used all the material I have learned to solve the problems for the second scavenger hunt, and practiced public speaking as well as raising funds for a project. I think that is great and there is nothing else I could ask for, especially the provided food, they are always delicious and more than enough for us. Every day is a journal and with i-Trek, my journals have been so colorful and adventurous.

After today’s session, I have learned that to work with business and individual companies, we need to focus more on the profits and revenues while with the grant donors, they care more about how our products will contribute to the community, as it seemed like they were willing to give a big amount of money to someone who they think will give the community the most benefits.