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i-Treks Mission:

In order to address the lack of diversity among STEM degree recipients (science, technology, engineering and math), i-Trek (I Turn Research into Empowerment and Knowledge) has developed a platform that aims to provide underserved and underrepresented students with the skills and resources necessary to succeed in STEM undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The underrepresented and underserved communities include students of lower income, women, and minorities who often face obstacles in obtaining equal support or access to the resources required for success in STEM. It is through community outreach and the Trek Mentorship Program that i-Trek aims to encourage a high level of interest in STEM and create a pipeline for increased participation in those areas of study.

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i-Trek Volunteers

Our Team:

We would be nothing without our volunteers. Everyone on the i-Trek team donates their time so that all of our funding can go directly towards our mission. Volunteers are divided into four committees:

  • Management
  • Treks
  • Fundraising
  • Public Relations

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Support i-Trek

All the funds we raise go directly to supporting our Trekkers, our community outreach events and operating expenses. So far we have been providing outreach in the community to:

  • Community Colleges
  • Elementary Schools
  • An Entrepreneur’s Fair
  • Baltimore’s African American Festival

and more…

Not to mention our biggest event, our TREKS! A donation helps us engage students in STEM and provide research opportunities to high driven students.

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