Student Experience Sample 1

August 4th, 2016

today was a very successful day as we started with the MSRP session which lasted till lunch time. The MSRP poster board presentation was a very educative session which created a base for interaction between the trekkers and various researchers. Their research presentations gave me an insight on the scope for any research project and the planning  that goes into the achievement of the desired result. The really sparked my interest was a research project that dealt with the modification of solar cells for cheaper and more efficient production using Aluminium as cathode and ITO as anode.

We also  went through a discussion and developmental session which helped us to better analyse our research topic and assign various sub-units that each person will be working on over the school year. We also started looking  up our various sectors and looking into the materials that will be needed, the materials we will be making ourselves, the average user population, the price range of the final product etc. At the end of the day, we were able to talk with Kelvin who I really appreciate for taking his time at the airport to talk to us. He gave us a scenario asking the factors for investment in a business plan, the amount of unit product the company will be making and the factors to consider to increase the number of consumers. This question’s really got us thinking about how our product can be produced and put into the industry for investment. I would recommend this question to help other trekkers think about technological consultation and financing before creating a product.