STEM Sessions

Looking for a way to bring STEM alive for a group of students, children or young adults? Have i-Trek host a STEM session at your next event. Each session comes with a interactive learning demonstration followed by a hands on application of the session’s STEM topic. Students learn key STEM principles and get to take home what they build in the session.


But I am not a STEM Expert.

i-Trek will take care of everything. We will bring the materials, the experts and the lesson plan. All you have to do is supply the eager minds. Each session lasts one hour and our volunteers will take care of set up and break down.


How exactly does a session run?

Each session runs similarly. i-Trek volunteers will arrive early to set up the space for the interactive and hands on portions of the session. For the first 20 minutes of the session, volunteers will lead a interactive exercise to explain a STEM principle. Next, the participants will apply what they have learned to a hands on activity. This could be making a bouncy ball, building an electrical circuit or a LED jewelry. To end each session the participants will reconvene to review everything they learned. If you require longer sessions, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How much do the sessions cost?

A. Each session requires a $1000 donation to i-Trek. This covers transportation costs for our volunteers, materials for the session and helps keep i-Trek running.

Q. Are all of the sessions an hour?

A. If you need a longer session, please contact us and we can see if we can meet your session needs.

Q. Where can sessions be hosted?

A. Sessions are currently being hosted in the following states. Maryland, Virginia, DC. and Boston. If you would like to host a session in a different state, please contact us.

Q. What kind of places are sessions held?

A. We have held sessions at schools, libraries and community events. If you have space and eager minds, we can host a session.

Q. What age groups are the sessions intended for?

A. The sessions are best for students in grades K-12. We adapt each session for the ages of the participants.

Q. What if I have an older crowd?

A. i-Trek offers graduate school preparation workshops. If you would be interested in one of these workshops please use the form below to get more information.

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