Student Experience Sample 2

Thursday, August 4th

Today’s presentations by MSRP students were very interesting and impressive. We saw Ranine, a former Trekker, explain to us what her research was about. Some of the posters that grabbed by attention included developing new transistors that would continue to obey Moore’s law, analyzing image recognition, and using virtual reality to improve our current technological systems.

After finishing the poster presentations, we continued with our research and began brainstorming about the different methods that we could use to detect harmful agents in water. A team mate and I had already discussed the idea of detecting higher concentrations of lead by developing some kind of conductive/non-conductive material that would change its conductive properties upon contact with lead. After spending a few hours, we found a compound formed of graphene and some type of modified Multi­Walled Carbon Paste nano tubes. This compound is shown to increase its electrical conductivity when higher concentrations of lead are present. Ideally, we could implement this technology at a low cost and make it available for anyone.